Therapeutic Family Home Program

buy Lyrica in canada NEOFACS recognizes that every child and youth deserves to be supported in a family-like, home based environment as close to their community as possible.  This fundamental belief is critical; the decision that a child or youth needs to be removed from their home to ensure their well-being can both improve or diminish their well-being and long-term outcomes.

enter site TFHP model provides clinical intervention in specifically trained family homes for children and youth with behavioral and/or emotional health needs.  TFHP homes are designed to provide a safe and nurturing sense of home to a child/youth in a more structured and therapeutic home environment. Planning is reflective of social, linguistic and cultural diversities of families.

go site Who are the Children and Youth in the Therapeutic Foster Homes Program
Children and youth aged 8-17 years old residing in the Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming who are experiencing behavioural and/or mental health needs requiring intensive family-based care. Placement is typically scheduled for up to 12 months with the option of extending. Referrals for the TFHP are facilitated through the Residential Admission Committee and must be submitted through an existing NEOFACS service.

Why the TFHP?

  • The TFHP model promotes better identification, assessment and support of mental health and well being.
  • TFHP blends best practices and outcomes from traditional family-based out of home placements and residential treatments in safe, nurturing, consistent, supervised, supportive and structured family environment.
  • TFHP keeps children and youth in their communities and allows the child/youth to continue to receive education, mental health, social and health services without disruption.
  • The TFHP model promotes healthy relationships, prepares youth for employment and independent living.

Who are TFHP Parents?

TFHP house parents are caring and qualified  professionals in our communities who have chosen to share their life and home with children and youth in need of intensive family based care. TFHP parents have a sound understanding of the continuum of care, and work within a multi-disciplinary team to deliver a personalized approach or treatment plan specific to the child or youth.  Two of the TFHP homes are designated as Francophone homes.

What Kind of Support is Available?

Services offered are child-centered, therapeutic, family based and provided by skilled professionals.

  • Counselling and therapy services
  • Medical, psychiatric and psychological consultation
  • Intervention based on evidence based programs
  • Crisis support & 24 hour after-hours support
  • On-going and training and in home support
  • Inclusions of guardians in care and treatment
  • Life-skills and pro-social skills development

If you are interested in becoming a Therapeutic Family Home Program provider, please call 705-360-7100 ext 5719.