Lyrica to buy F. W. Schumacher (FWS) is a Residential Treatment Programs that operates as a staff model residential treatment service within a therapeutic milieu for children and youth between the ages of  12-15 years.  Residents may be male or female and reside in the Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming. Residential programs accept children and youth who are experiencing psychological difficulties within the home or community setting with the plan of reintegrating them into their family system or an acceptable social system in collaboration with the family and/or referring agent. The program is designed to provide intervention services in a supportive and structured environment, allowing the child/youth to develop skills over a minimum 6 month period. The residential program is one service component in a broader spectrum of community services. Children and youth are referred with an existing network of services in place, which the residential programs join to assist in meeting specific and identified goals. The roles and responsibilities of family and service providers do not change during the period of placement thus providing continuity through the child ‘s/youth ‘s return to their home community. Services provided include:

  • Anger Awareness and Interpersonal Problem Solving
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Victim Awareness
  • Thinking Error
  • Grief, Loss and Separation Counseling
  • Self-Esteem and Life Skills
  • Social Skill Development
  • Day Treatment Program (Education)