where to buy metformin uk The Mobile Crisis Response Service addresses the needs of children, youth and families who require an integrated and coordinated, community-based crisis management intervention. This service is responsive to children and youth up to eighteen (18) years of age and who reside in the Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming. The service includes 24-hour telephone response, risk assessment, access to appropriate professional and clinical services and supports including hospitalization, where required, and linkage to follow-up services and plans of care.


robaxin 500mg over counter Mobile Crisis services are offered seven (7) days per week,  twenty four (24) hours a day and is accessed after hours through the Emergency After Hours Service.  This service will respond to children, youth and families who are in crisis due  to acute suicidal ideation, severe homicidal ideation, and/or physical violence and/or aggression which affects the family, school and community. The Mobile Crisis Response Service will be initiated upon referral through NEOFACS, Police Services or local hospitals.