Children’s services are offered to children and youth who reside in Agency approved foster homes, kinship care or group homes and are between the ages of 0-16 (youth may continue to receive services up to the age of 21).

go to site Child Care Workers work in conjunction with parents/caregivers, foster parents, ongoing services workers, volunteers, and community service partners to provide direct intervention to ensure children are receiving the necessary support and appropriate services to develop. Services to children while in care include, support, referral services, preparation for independence, access to natural family, permanency planning, appropriate medical, dental and optical care, and much more. Individualized Service Plans are developed for each child/youth as part of the Ontario’s Looking After Children documentation identifying goals and objectives in the areas of health, education, self care, family/social relationships, identity and emotional/behavioral development.

Children and youth who reside in Agency foster care, kinship care or group are provided a copy of their own Book of Rights. This book has been developed to assist children and youth understand their rights and responsibilities while in Agency care.